Tuesday, 10 November 2015

our awesome prodution

Last month we did production at Manurewa Intermediate it was so cool!! It was about different generations,

from the 1920s - 2000s. Rooms 21, 4 and 2 did 1930s the year 4,3 boys from rm 21 did puttin on

the ritz and some boys from room 21 were posh men and some girls were posh women. Some year 3,4 girls

and 1 boy from rm 21  and Year 1,2 girls from rooms 2,4 were doing the dance of sing sing sing.Once we

did our dance and all the other generations did there dance all the 1930s actors,dancers and props and

costumes did a big wave at the end.

Thank you to all the teachers and especially Miss Charles.Other wise the prodution wouldn't be possible, also a big thanks to Bree ,Analina,Eve and Tivtia.

By: Lia and Nolamae

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